Spanish driven hunt - monteriaSpanish driven hunt - monteriaSpanish driven hunt - monteria

Driven hunts in Spain

Spanish help me do my thesis Driven hunt, (Monteria), is an extremely exhilarating sport and has deep roots here in Spain. The sound of the dogs, as they find the wild boar or the red deer, and the roar from the beaters when they see them is something to experience.

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For us, an average of 15 hunters stand on each drive, using predominantly rifles, but some with shotguns. On our drives it is easy to shoot deer with trophies between 7 to 9 kilos, (17 to 19 pounds), with boar an average of 27cm, (10 5/8 inches), per tusk. It is a great spectacle to see how more than fifty dogs beat all the bushes, but even more, to hear and see how the dogs are fighting with an old boar. It is at this moment when you will take your knife and run quickly to kill the boar. It is now when you will feel the fear and the happiness at the same time and taste the old traditions of the hunt.

The accommodation we offer, is like a five star hotel, with excellent food and wine. Depending on the area, will be a lodge with rooms or individual bungalows.

You should expect to start early each day and be on the shoot at first light, returning after dark. Before each day begins there will be a quick briefing by your hosts. Lunch will consist of Spanish food and wine, taken in the forest at 13.00, but does not last very long, as you are soon off to the next drive.

The weather can play a vital role in the driven hunt and the cold weather and snow will move the boar and deer to the warmer thickets in the forest, nearer to the feeding stations.

Spanish driven hunt - monteria