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Driven partridge, pheasant and duck shooting in Spain

Red-Legged Partridge shooting in Spain. We truly aim to make our shooting the greatest test any hunter can face. We can also offer Duck Shooting, and Driven Pheasant Shoot in Spain

Each day's shooting begins with the drawing of pegs for the first drive. For the rest of the day, guns will rotate their positions after each drive, staying in the order established by the draw. In the blind (or butt), a "cargador" or loader and a "secretario" or spotter accompanies each gun.

Most of the butts are natural shooting positions, consisting of bushes that utilize the contours of the rolling terrain to take advantage of wind direction. Transportable, camouflaged blinds are also used for some drives.

The terrain is often steep and rugged in the areas where we shoot, allowing a challenging shooting test. Please note that the shoot organizers do not supply personal effects such as earplugs. At the end of each drive, the shooting staff picks up the guns and returns the shooters to the vehicles for a drink.

Lunch is normally served between the second and third drives and there are normally four or five drives during the day, where a minimum bag of 500 birds is sought. At the end of the day, a rug of partridges shot during the day is displayed.

As professional hunters, we feel a deep love and respect for nature. We feel it is our duty to have the highest ethical hunting standards in spain, from the release to the shooting of the birds. With our well trained dogs, we ensure that all birds are picked up, leaving a minimum of wounded birds behind us. We ensure that all birds go into the food chain as delicious food in top restaurants or to our customers during their stay with us. We are honouring the game; by the ‘display of game’ by the end of the day.