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Driven Pheasant shooting in Spain

Pheasant hunt in Spain. We truly aim to make our shooting the greatest test any hunter can face. We can also offer Duck Shooting, and Driven Red-Legged Partridge Shoot in Spain

A typical Pheasant driven hunt is when beaters drive the birds and enable you to shoot hundreds of them from one position. You will be assisted by our staff called “secretarios” who supply cartridges, load the guns and pick up the birds while providing all kinds of comforts. This method of hunting is called “ojeo” in Spanish.

No one knows the land better than our staff. They are at your side throughout the day to make sure every moment is one to remember. From setting up the screens to loading the guns, your every need is taken care of before you even think of it.

After every drive, you will enjoy the spectacle of our staff working with their dogs to pick up the pheasants.

As the majestic horsemen with their traditional hats and uniforms perform their duties, over cocktails, it is time to compare how you and your fellow guns did.

Lunch is served in carefully chosen spots around the estate, to give you a number of breathtaking views while you enjoy our chef's fine cuisine.