• duck hunting in spain

Duck shooting in Spain

– Duck hunting in Spain. We truly aim to make our shooting the greatest test any hunter can face.

The hunting:

Unique in Europe, it is a private estate which has been organizing mallard duck hunting for more than 20, years in the tradition of the great English driven shoots. This hunt both surprises and appeals to hunters who like to shoot several hundred cartridges at high flying mallards.These birds fly at surprising heights, which means that only tightly choked guns are used. We offer only high quality, exclusive hunting, organized and customized to meet your specific demands. The hunting estate is open from September 1st to January 31st and can be booked for a single party of 3 to 12 hunters. Gun loaders are available on request, as are two-day events.

The Shoot:

The shoot takes place in a line of guns, on fixed pegs next to each other. Numbers are drawn at the start of the day. For each new drive even and uneven numbers move up and down respectively, to ensure you can enjoy the company of different guns next to you, on each drive.The cartridges we provide, are nickel plated size 4-6, in 12,16 and 20 gauge. The pressure of the cartridge is suited for old English guns, and can be provided from 65-70. For high birds and mallard, we recommend a tight choke. For lower birds early in the season a more open choke is well suited. A ¼ choke will be good for everything. For our mallard hunting, the birds often arrive in flight patterns that will test the ability of even the most seasoned gun. During our autumn-hunting, we can arrange to place the guns in our woods, to create even more interesting pegs.

A typical days Shoot:

The day starts at 9 am. After the draw the drives follow continuously until the predetermined bag has been achieved. There is a break in the middle of the morning with light refreshments on the banks of the lake. At the end of the day, the bag, laid out during the aperitif. is followed by a late lunch. After the autumn / fall, guns are set up in the woods to create more interesting pegs.>