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Travelling with Firearms to Spain


Visitors from countries within the European Union require a European Firearms Certificate. Without the EFC, it is impossible to import guns into Spain. The issuing police authority can provide the EFC at the same time as your shotgun certificate. If not, it is a straightforward procedure to apply for one sufficiently in advance of your travel dates from the issuing police force, for which there is no charge.

Provided this certificate is in hand, it is only necessary to complete a simple questionnaire, pay a small import tax, and have the EFC stamped by the Spanish authorities upon arrival.

A maximum of five guns (rifles or shotguns independently) is permitted per person. The shoot organizers usually have a person on hand at the airport to assist with gun clearance into Spain. Rental guns are available too.

You will need to provide the following documentation:

Photocopy and original:

  • Passport
  • Firearms permit
  • Documentation to prove that you are coming to hunt (e.g. hunting contract)

Photocopy and original of the Certificate of Gun Importation issued in the Spanish Consulate. Please, contact them for further information

List of the Spanish Consulates

*Before the start of your trip we will inform you about the necessary documentation


Check it in your travel agency or directly ask an airline agent. The European hunters usually don't have any problems, but they need to respect transportation norms and to pay the taxes requested by their airline company, as each one has its own norms and establishes own taxes. In this case we suggest asking an airline agent for the more information.


Hotels and restaurants in Spain are taxed with a 10% VAT (Value Added Taxes). The rest of the services and shopping are taxed with a 21% VAT.